Atman restaurant at Villa Rospigliosi

Atman restaurant at Villa Rospigliosi. Via Borghetto 1, Loc. Spicchio, 51035 Lamporecchio (PT), Tuscany - Italy

Located in the beautiful Villa Rospigliosi in Lamporecchio, surrounded by green hills of Tuscany, the Atman restaurant serves modern cuisine, where research and tradition coexist in a unique location, history and modernity blend, creating a special environment where it is easy to be transported into a unique experience.


Originally from Filo (FE), in the valleys on the border between Emilia and Romagna, from 2010 Igles Corelli is the chef of the Atman restaurant, first in Pescia and from May 2015 in Spicchio di Lamporecchio close to Pistoia in Tuscany.

Its own cooking style, often referred to as "Cucina Garibaldina”, promote the food excellence of Italy, in conjunction with a continue research and contamination with other cultures and their products. His creative cuisine is full of reminiscences of the Italian culinary traditions but it never stops to surprise, provoke and evolve. His research work and his passion for service continue to receive major awards, such as the award of a Michelin star.

Between the eighties and nineties, Igles achieve national and international recognitions as the head chef of the now legendary restaurant Il Trigabolo in Argenta (FE). In the following fourteen years as head of the kitchen, who went on to produce many successful chef, Corelli collects numerous awards, in addition to the allocation of two Michelin stars, ranking Il Trigabolo among the top restaurants in Italy and contributing to the advancement of the modern Italian cuisine with dishes now considered a classic.

In 1996 Igles opens his own restaurant, La Locanda della Tamerice nestled in the valleys of Ostellato (FE). Over the following fourteen years he receives a Michelin star and consolidates its position as a “Maestro” of the Italian modern cuisine.

TUESDAY TO SATURDAY   Dinner 7:30pm - 10:30pm -    SUNDAY   Lunch 12:30pm - 3pm
TEL +39 0573 803432 - 0573 1603051         INFO@RISTORANTEATMAN.IT

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